Tech toilet launched in Kibera school

By Bidii Henry;

Computer class in the tech toilet
Computer class in the tech toilet

 The launch of tech toilet at Mashimoni Primary School sets the precedence for the school to be one of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) hub in Kibera, thanks to the Under the Same Sky-Kenya Project (Umande Trust).

The tech toilet, popularly known as the “bio-centre” is a two storey building, housing toilets, showers, water tanks, computer centre and social hall. The bio-centre will also generate clean energy, such as cooking gas and electricity.

The centre dubbed a ‘Dialogue Centre for Peace’ is to offer sanitation services to the school and community members. “This will reduce the torturous conditions experienced in slums, with many causalities being women and children” said Elijah Odundo Programme Manager, Under the Same Sky-Kenya Project.

“We have been using this dirty toilet” said the founder of the school Mr. John Khiyanivi, pointing at the rundown muddy structure. He adds, “Our pupils will now remain healthy, and save money we have been spending to buy drugs to treat communicable diseases.”

“The second floor will act as the school social hall and we will have computer training center on the first floor” says Samson Maina, the deputy headteacher at the school. He adds the computer training is to benefit over 320 pupils and 17 teachers at the school. Maina is enthusiastic that he is soon becoming computer literate, something he never dreamed of for many years in his teaching career.

Apart from offering sanitation services, the centre is to be the information exchange hub between Mashimoni Primary School students, and their counterparts in Denmark through a fully furnished computer centre. The centre will also be hosting community groups who are part of the project. The social hall will be the dialogue centre for peace for communities living around the school.

Mashimoni Primary School is one of the three schools benefiting from Umande Trust’s Under the Same Sky-Kenya Project. Its completion will not only solve sanitation problems, it will also transform the area through ICT literacy for teachers, students and community members.

Present were, Umande trust partners, Provincial Administration, City Council of Nairobi, Provincial Directorate of Education Representatives, VE International, local communities and other schools.