A section of Kibera slum, and the newly constructed  slum Upgraded flats where some residents are now staying.
A section of Kibera slum, and the newly Upgraded flats where some slum residents are now staying.

Mtaani Insight is a community newspaper, aimed at exploring and documenting the successes and failures of the people living in Slums and rural areas in Kenya. The newspaper is published by Blamwa Media’s Community Media program. We have wide experience in Citizen Journalism and participatory communication. We aim at redefining newsworthy , with an emphasis on relevance, context and objectivity rather than prominence.

Information is important for people to make choices regarding their participation in the State affairs, the markets and the civil society. Sufficient information helps people to decide rationally and take the right course of action beneficial to them. Therefore Community Media helps people to know what is happening around the country, socialize them with the values of pluralism and equip them with the elements of modernity. By publicizing information, Community Media make public services more responsive to the people.

Community Media is important in upholding freedom, and expanding education and social reforms. Community Media informs people, by giving them the voice to be heard and listened to. Democracy requires that people should have the right to know the activities of the government, especially the decision of the government that affects their life, liberty and property.



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