Media Ethics: Is Genuineness replacing balance in our newsrooms…

A new school of thought is finding itself in newsrooms.  We have seen how international media have reported the conflict in Syria, the refugee problem in Europe, US elections etc. in 2012, I had a chat withe one of the BBC current news editors about the subject, and his response was, “they focus on Genuineness of the story, other than balance”.

In my journalism class, I was taught objectivity, to mean “ability to report free of feelings” but this  seems to fading fast in the 21 st century journalism practice. The choice of words by the media houses in Europe and US on the refugee situation is a key example.  BBC, France 24, DW, CNN among others use the word “immigrant” while Al Jazeera use the word “refugee”referring to the same subject is just but an example of many cases, where journalism ethics have been put to test.

As part of our contribution to the subject, we hosted a debate on the subject with some of the most prominent journalists in the world, and this is what they hard to say.


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